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Spanish Mustangs

The Spanish Mustang (Spanish Barb) was brought to this country by the Spanish in 1520, and it became one of the original Indian ponies of the Plains Indian, in particular of the Blackfeet people. The Blackfeet obtained this horse around 1750 and it completely changed their lives. The Blackfeet became a mobile society, and new ceremonial and social practices began. In the years after 1880 the Blackfoot Indian horses slowly disappeared due to various reasons and were replaced with larger breeds. They were reintroduced to the Blackfeet Reservation through the efforts of Darrell Norman and his friend Robert Berdard here at the Lodgepole Gallery & Tipi Village after 100 years of absence.


Seeing a small herd of Spanish Mustangs and learning about this unique breed of horses is a big part of Indian culture for you to experience while lodging in our Blackfoot tipi during your Montana vacation. Learn how these horses were used by the Blackfeet Indian as inspiration for Blackfeet art and how they were utilized by both cowboys and Indians of the plains.


Spend time with purebred Spanish Mustangs (the original Indian horse). Learn how these Indian ponies were brought back from the brink of extinction and how the Lodgepole Gallery helped to reintroduce these horses to the Blackfeet people in 1994.

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