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Horseback Riding


Horseback riding in Blackfeet Country is truly an unforgettable experience! Tom and his family are Blackfeet guides and will take you horseback riding in the foothills bordering majestic Glacier National Park and in the surrounding scenic plains of the Blackfeet reservation.


Tom offers a wide variety of adventures for everyone such as picturesque nature walks where you will learn Native American history. His traditional historic tours will provide you a greater understanding of Native American culture. Tom is an experienced Blackfeet guide with comprehensive knowledge of the medicinal plants of the area and its cultural history.

Spring is a great time to gather at Lodgepole Gallery and Tipi Village because it is cattle drive season! Ride with Blackfeet cowboys during the day and dine with the cowboys in the evening while relishing a hearty Montana barbecue in a mountain pasture.



Riding with Blackfoot Guide:

½ day horse back riding $125 per person

Full day horse back riding $195 per person


Herbal Walk with Blackfoot Guide:

1 hour............$30 pro Person
½ day.............$85 pro Person
Full day..........$140 pro Person


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